Internet Banking

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Financial Security

East Texas Professional Credit Union strongly encourages all members to pay with an attendant for all gas transactions. The use of skimmers is on the rise and fraudsters continue to target gas pumps. Skimmers are no longer only located on the outside of the pump, so recognizing an affected pump is difficult. Your risk of information theft from a skimmer can be greatly reduced when you pay an attendant inside rather than paying with your card at the pump.   


Mobile Fraud

Be Aware

East Texas Professional Credit Union will NEVER request any personal financial information from you through email, social media or text. We will only require identifying information when YOU CONTACT US via phone.

For your security, please DO NOT respond to any phone calls, emails, social media messages or texts that request personal information, even if it appears that the contact came from a company that you typically conduct business with. If you receive a contact that requests personal information, DO NOT RESPOND, or click on any links within the message or use any phone numbers provided in the message. Instead, contact the company yourself using publicly published contact information and report any suspicious communication.

Donít be a victim. Scams involving mobile devices are on the increase, and many new methods are being utilized.