Internet Banking

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Phishing Scam

Be Aware

East Texas Professional Credit Union (ETPCU) was recently notified of a mass scam phishing email being sent out that warns members of a temporary suspension to their internet banking account due to several failed and/or invalid login attempts. This email appears to be from the credit union, and contains our logo at the top of the notice. (An image of the email is included below.) This email is NOT from ETPCU. ETPCU will NEVER send an email to you requesting that you click on a link to begin any type of reinstatement process.

If you have received this email, please delete it immediately. If you have already clicked on the link located in the email, contact a Member Service Representative at 903-323-1238 in order to have your internet banking credentials changed or suspended. In addition, you should scan your computer for harmful malware or virus infections. We further advise you to not log in to any secure site until the computer has been deemed cleaned.

Should you have any other questions or concerns in regards to this matter or internet security, please contact us at 903-323-1238.


Mobile Fraud

Be Aware

East Texas Professional Credit Union will NEVER request any personal financial information from you through email, social media or text. We will only require identifying information when YOU CONTACT US via phone.

For your security, please DO NOT respond to any phone calls, emails, social media messages or texts that request personal information, even if it appears that the contact came from a company that you typically conduct business with. If you receive a contact that requests personal information, DO NOT RESPOND, or click on any links within the message or use any phone numbers provided in the message. Instead, contact the company yourself using publicly published contact information and report any suspicious communication.

Donít be a victim. Scams involving mobile devices are on the increase, and many new methods are being utilized.