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Coronavirus COVID-19 Update
March 24, 2020

East Texas Professional Credit Union (ETPCU) continues to monitor the latest news regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19). The Credit Union is currently operating under our Pandemic Preparedness Policy. At this time, all 14 ETPCU branch locations are open normal business hours in both the lobby and drive-thru.

ETPCU understands our role in the critical services sector of banking and we continue to strive to provide outstanding service to our members during this time of crisis. We ask that you utilize our automated services when possible and observe the social distancing and other safety procedures as recommended by the CDC in conducting your in-person transactions for both your safety and the safety of our employees. (Click here for a link directly to the CDC website.)

Electronic and Non-Lobby Services:

Drive-thru Service is available at all of our Branch locations. Please check our website for the hours of operation for each location. We are currently evaluating opportunities to expand additional services through the drive-thru for your convenience.

Call Center Service is available Monday through Thursday 9:00 am through 5:00 pm, Friday 9:00 am through 6:00 pm, and Saturday 9:00 am through 1:00 pm. The Call Center can be reached at 903.323.0230 or 800.256.5009.

ETPCU has 36 local ATMs located throughout East Texas.  On-site branch ATMs include deposit capable machines which can accept both cash and check deposits.

ETPCUís free mobile app offers free mobile deposit by simply snapping a picture of your check. The mobile app also allows you to apply for a loan, transfer money, pay bills and much more. If you have not already done so, go to your deviceís App Store and download the free mobile app today. 

Online banking also offers you 24/7/365 money management tools. Online banking features include the ability to apply for a loan (with electronic closing available for some loan types), pay bills, transfer money between your accounts, and review your statements and current account history. 

With 24/7/365 electronic access to your accounts and convenient, quality service through our branch drive-thrus and Call Center, your Credit Union offers a variety of ways to conduct your business on your terms as we work together to overcome this national emergency.

Financial Assistance

While the safety of both our members and staff are among our top priorities, the COVID-19 outbreak has resulted in both loss of income and in some cases job loss to many of our members. ETPCU is here for you in both the good and the bad times and we fully understand that this is a challenging time for many of our members. Please allow us to assist you during this time of need.

  • If you are currently struggling to make your loan payments, please contact your loan officer, local branch or the Call Center. You may be eligible for our emergency payment deferral program.
  • If you have lost your job or your income has been significantly reduced you may be eligible for an emergency COVID-19 loan. Please call the loan department at 903.323.1244, your local branch or the Call Center at 903.323.0230 to apply.
  • Effective immediately, we will waive the $10.00 convenience fee for loan payments made by phone with a debit or credit card from another financial institution.

East Texas Professional Credit Union is here to help you now as we navigate this crisis. Texas Strong since 1953.


Coronavirus COVID-19 Update
March 16, 2020

Your Board of Directors and management team at East Texas Professional Credit Union (ETPCU) continue to monitor ongoing developments related to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) national emergency. While meeting your financial needs is always our goal, the health and safety of our members and employees is of the utmost importance. 

At this time, all branches, the call center, support departments and ATMs (including deposit capable) remain open. As a reminder, your Credit Union offers a variety of ways to access your accounts. ETPCU offers a free mobile app with a variety of tools to meet your banking needs from home, work, or anywhere you might be. You can deposit checks, transfer money, pay bills, check balances and account history, apply for a loan, control your ETPCU debit and credit cards and more. Online banking is available at Online banking also allows you to transfer money, pay bills, check balances and account history...and more.

If you have not already done so, go to your device's App Store to download ETPCU's mobile app today. Once enrolled, you can use the same login credentials for mobile banking and online banking.

Although the virus and its impact is unpredictable, be confident that your Credit Union remains committed to serving your financial needs. Updates will be available on your Credit Union's Facebook page and at



East Texas Professional Credit Union will NEVER request any personal financial information from you through email, social media or text. We will only require identifying information when YOU CONTACT US via phone.

For your security, please DO NOT respond to any phone calls, emails, social media messages or texts that request personal information, even if it appears that the contact came from a company that you typically conduct business with. If you receive a contact that requests personal information, DO NOT RESPOND, or click on any links within the message or use any phone numbers provided in the message. Instead, contact the company yourself using publicly published contact information and report any suspicious communication.

Donít be a victim. Scams involving mobile devices are on the increase, and many new methods are being utilized.

Please remember, ETPCU personnel will NEVER ask for your PIN. Additionally, if you have a question about any correspondence you receive, call the Credit Union at 903-323-0230 or 800-256-5009. If you are calling after normal business hours about your debit or credit card, please call the number on the back of your card. To ensure you are speaking with ETPCU personnel, do not call any other number provided in an alert or message.


Financial Security

East Texas Professional Credit Union strongly encourages all members to pay with an attendant for all gas transactions. The use of skimmers is on the rise and fraudsters continue to target gas pumps. Skimmers are no longer only located on the outside of the pump, so recognizing an affected pump is difficult. Your risk of information theft from a skimmer can be greatly reduced when you pay an attendant inside rather than paying with your card at the pump.